Color Focus

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These pieces were created to display the physical influences of visual Color. Having a favorite color is a common occurrence for the average person but have you ever questioned why? People incessantly change, so what does this color do for me and my emotional state?”

These pieces of work request audience participation to clarify why they make a substantial impact, or not. This way of questioning motivates the viewer to use their own capricious attitudes in hopes they find a way to feel into color and why a certain hue changes their own mood and behavior. Specific verbs and nouns were used in naming these pieces in order to help the viewer interrogate their emotional connection to the color and movement furthermore. In this Abstract period of my work I retain characteristics of fauvism. Impressionistic shapes capture the eye, transferring focus onto the unnatural separated use of color. When painting I intuitively apply a main focus color, smaller decorated complementary colors dance around the focus until all painted colors lift forward equally, vying for the viewer’s attention.

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