Pink,Purple, Periwinkle: A Love affair

Pink, Purple, & Periwinkle: A love affair is a series of works created for the Heider Center for the Arts in Feb 2020

Considered a fauvist artist I use vivid colors, expressionistic technique, and impressionistic tendencies. For this body of work, I’ve decided to stray away from my normal avenue.

Painting abstraction pushes me to the boundaries of my imagination, teaching me to investigate and have fun. Growing up I pushed against all societal norms and also wasn’t a girly girl. Didn’t wear pink or like it, rebelled against all purples, and despised blue. I loved black, red, and yellow.

Those intense bold hues defined me, especially when used together. Adults, teachers, and other children didn’t accept my bold dressing statements asking me over and over again, “Why do you wear black all the time?”

This series dives into societal norms and the use of pink, purple, and periwinkle as feminine hues in a new way. This was a personal challenge to embrace and redefine what these hues mean to me in more depth. As I proceeded on this journey I found a new energy around my work. I now define Pink, Purple, and Periwinkle as powerfully enthusiastic and began to see these hues differently.