Colors that define Us

“The colors that define us” was an abstract series created and exhibited for the La Crosse County Administrative building in June 2018

I created this body of work to be based on La Crosse natives that have impacted the arts within the last 2 years. The title of each piece is the person’s name along with what they do in the arts. Whether that be acting, musican, educator, gallery owner, pianist and so forth. I asked each person four questions:

  1. Favorite Color: Hot Pink
  2. Eye color: Blue Jean
  3. Current Shirt or dress colors: Grey/Nude
  4. Home color: Pale Yellow

With the color palettes chosen, I was limited to define this advocate and create a unique painting to represent him or her.

This is a tribute to all of those who impacted my life through theatre, art, music, local education or just helping put art out into the community. A warm thank you to all who participated in this show.

-Ashton Elizabeth Hall