A.E.H. Studio Gallery

Gallery resuming open hours on May 7th for visitors Thur & Fri 4-7pm or Sat 2-5pm

A.E.H. studio is a place I’ve created to make copious amounts of artworks that are capricious in nature. These works will push the boundaries of subjects I previously deemed untouchable. I also needed a place to escape to and just create whatever wanted to come out of my imagination. The decision to open my private studio space into a public Art Gallery one was an easy one. I saw the pure potential. My vision was several artists mingling with the public floating on through. With mixing culture, art, and emotion how could I not curate exhibits?

The space is located at C203/C204 1501 Saint Andrew St La Crosse, WI 54603. Go through the front door of the building, take an immediate left up the stairs to the second floor. Take two rights. Feel free to drop me a note if you get lost, it is a very large building.

HOURS: TH & F 4-7 Sat 2-5

Free Parking – Wheelchair accessible – Public restrooms on each floor

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