Ashton Hall is a self-taught Oil Painter from La Crosse Wisconsin where she graduated with an Associate Degree in Graphic Design from Western Technical College. Furthering her artistic knowledge and body of work in February of 2017, Ashton completed a six month Fall cycle Artist in Residency program at The Horlock House located in Navasota. This Artist in Residency program is run by the Art Council of Brazos Valley located in College Station, Texas.


Oil pigment in stick form is my medium of choice otherwise known as the Oil Pastel or an Oil stick. Working primarily with Sennelier Oil pastels my medium of choice shares attention with the R&F pigment stick by R&F handmade paints. This stick combines all natural beeswax, planet wax and linseed oil with no additives, imbuing a smooth yet intense hue without the need for a brush or solvents. When creating still life subjects I use a brush for more fluid strokes in combination with moist Oil sticks.

Artist Statement

Creating art means creating an atmosphere.  In my experience, the atmosphere is everything that affects the life around you. Resembling how a room impacts one’s mood, painting is the way I transform a room and the space to create a mood I want to experience.

In the past, people would like to peg me as an artist that does just Impressionist still life, En Plein Air paintings, or Fauvism. I firmly believe there is a right time and subject to use all of these techniques. The key to observing my work is a playful mind and heart. I will capture these places, emotions, and thoughts to the best of my ability to present them to all of you while representing “me.”

My Best,