Summer 2020

Over the Summer I have been busy with 2 Mural commissions and several really fun multiple canvas pieces. Send me a message to see work for sale, my Studio space or commission me for an original piece. I will respond with-in 24 hours and love to hear from you! Stay healthy and inspired!

New Avenues paved

La Crosse Food and Art Magazine covered my Pop-up studio

Read about it here

Photography by © Dylan Overhouse Productions

A HUGE thank you for covering my Pop-up Studio to the team of La Crosse Local Arts & Food Magazine and online podcast!

Summer is here and there are many changes. My studio is closed and another is on the WAY! Check back at the Rubber Mills around August to see artists becoming the change they want to SEE.

To anyone I have inspired through this experience I would like to say the feeling is mutual. With all the changes in my life I decided to take some time out and reflect. I have chosen to take a cellphone-sabbatical. I am still working but I am reflecting upon what I want to create next. Looking for my muse as artists put it. I am also painting some current commissions and taking creative jobs. Please leave a note on my contact page for inquires and commissions.

I’ve been on a cellphone Sabbatical. What is a sabbatical?

The sabbatical definition is “a break from work” during which employees can pursue their interests, like traveling, writing, research, volunteering or other activities (or even rest).

This one will be for ten days starting today. Talk to you all soon!

-Ashton Hall Artist

Physical touch

Or Lack there-of

I am reviewing the last love language of the my blog series with the same name. Not every relationship must be physical to leave you altered. Sexuality hasn’t anything to do with my review of physical touch. I am taking it about 10 steps deeper. Be patient I will explain everything.

IT IS possible to meet someone that changes you as a person! It happened to me this week, fulfilling me with pure ecstasy better than any physical notion left me with. “How do I get there you ask?” It must come from a place of wanting what is better for yourself and ALL others. It comes from the heart. This is an emotional place. A place where you do the work to blend both the inner and outer worlds. It takes embracing the seven heavenly virtues: Chastity, Temperance, Charity, Diligence, Patience, Kindness, & Humility. I realized the more I had embraced all seven heavenly traits over the last several months, the faster I sped. I was speeding into a place of this joy which in turn changed into a pure faith that cannot be shaken.

2 cups are pictured here. I have a great calling to paint vessels as of late. Two of cups representing emotional fulfillment, the number 2 representing balance and partnership in tarot

Real faith is like physically touching spirit and trusting that whatever crops up, whatever relationship that walks in is a direct reflection of a thought, aspect, fear, belief, the list goes on.

-Ashton Elizabeth Hall

Some call it the law of mirroring. I call it the Law of attraction. Well, I saw a mirror (a new spiritual aspect I hold manifested in someone) and the mirror (this person) saw herself in me. That rarely happens to me if ever. Meeting my awareness match has brought me more JOY than I ever thought it could. We were teachers to one another. I was loving the mirror image of our new found awareness. We had fun at the juncture where one can become new… realized…then interact with the aspect that mirrors before YOU. Spirituality is both our way of life and our interest as well.

That which I wrote above gives me a caveat to end this blog. Not every guru touts their cause to all who listen. Ask yourself what if the real true spiritual guru is sitting silent and alone. Just being themselves fully and loving it. Not only does that set an example that mirrors back those feelings of deep inner peace but a master truly doesn’t feel alone anyways. Guru’s are connected to their dreams, intuition, and the divine source of good. Lately I have been like a monk who’s hands are clasped just being, waiting, seeing, feeling, wanting, hearing my inner world spin. I have been observing that inner world, both feet in the present moment. Feeling the collective ideals and embracing them fully. In my experience my mere physical PRESENCE can be enough to act as a milestone to another in this life. A cause to action, to give, to create, or bring awareness. Some will love it, others will envy it. I have been becoming more ok with each.

I feel I have been called to be that role for people by embracing all the qualities that make me “me.” To dream, to wish, to give without expectation, to love freely. These qualities led to words that hug me. Hearing, “you did it” and “you’ve inspired me” so many times it really affirms my intuition that has been telling me to forge ahead no matter the cost. Tackle the costs as they come then lead by example despite hardships. All hardships have a pay off. This one just happened to be an emotional state beyond pure bliss. One I haven’t matched a word for. One that surpasses the physical bodies pleasure seeking self and it’s ability to sustain. That is okay though. All emotions come and they go. All things can come and go. Some like these emotions I decide to let stay longer.

Love and light always,

Ashton E. Hall

Acts of service

The world is standing still as I sit on a green yoga mat facing the sun. Absorbing the miniscule warmth on my forehead and brown sweater. It will reach 57 degrees today in La Crosse Wisconsin and I’m going to enjoy it. Rain is in the forecast all week after so making the most out of the day. 2 kids on bicycles, a goldendoodle, and their mom passby so far. Neighbors are outside on their porches, I drink coffee while typing…people are doing errands through the bank across the street. Everything seems relatively normal. The birds chirp above my head in the large trees on the street, my current focus is on how I can see the sky for once. It’s a spring sky blue with Hawks far above the ground swirling in figure eights. I had the thought to do a blog about acts of service. Even though this seems like a tumultuous time the whole world is doing acts of service for one another. While doing these acts of service it is important to focus on the best case scenario. We would be doing ourselves a disservice if we were only enabling others with the worst possible outcome. Let’s take a financial and career perspective on this love language. Everywhere there are others saving people’s lives, giving food, running errands for someone or just staying away from them for the greater good.

“Make magic today! Use your emotions as a guidance system to ask, “are you acting from anxiety or passion?” Construct your reality consciously to give a different reflection if your acting out of anxiety”.

This is important to say because conversely a lot of people a high-strung nowadays

If you already took the leap into the spiritual work to do what you love for a living and get paid for it then the following paragraph isn’t for you. It’s for those who are still in fear and anxiety in regards to what they want to do for a living not fully supporting them.

I know it’s a slow and steady process but wouldn’t it be great if you did what you loved for a living? Acts of service that you love to perform that you also could make money from? I hope all the time that people have on their hands now will help them decide that their time is so precious and not worth risking to do things they do not want. Doing what you actually want helps the collective consciousness and vibration exponentially. Following your desires fills a hole, a gap in the universe that cannot be filled by anyone else at this current time. If you do not act now even the source of all there is doesn’t know what’s on the other side of that desire being filled. Let’s dive deep… for I can’t ask the global collective to release anxiety and fear in regards to a global pandemic without them having conversely changed their own lives first. There is another way to live, you have another choice to make after all this is done. What will you choose to FEEL each day you wake after this incubation period? The world is taking a respite, unless you are still working as needed by the global collective or just working for yourself and manifesting the highest outcomes. start today by asking some questions out loud. What do you need to do in order to bridge the gap from where you are to where you want to be? Start asking that question and letting the signs and coincidences appear spiritually. At the same time start taking action steps towards that desired goal and way of life with pure intention and positive focus.

Love & Light, AH

Quality Time

Quality time or “time spent” is one of the five love languages I am covering today. Most of us will be spending more time at home with the spread of the Covid-19 Virus, so how are we spending our time? And with whom if anyone? With all this activity going on I am just thankful the last two art shows went off with out a hitch! The Five love languages group exhibit had an amazing turn-out, it was a wish come true that A.E.H. Studio was packed full Feb 22nd 2020. I have been needing to cover this and to post pictures on the blog but man I was on cloud nine for a whole month that I forgot to post! Click here for artist/musician interviews.

I got to see a dream of mine come true right before my eyes. If translated into a Tarot card it would be a 6 of staves moment, a victory lap! I just want to thank all the artists and musicians I know for being a part of it and being you! A special thank you to all the patrons of the arts who bought local work especially who made an appearance.

Back to quality time….the point of the artshow was to bring the community OUT and TOGETHER. I really have been spending more time alone for the last two months to do my work but I also met TONS of new people thanks to the Art Exhibit I curated at the studio. Most of Lacrosse is working from home, I haven’t been quarantining myself from loved ones & friends, I think it is essential to see at least someone and hangout (and still be creating new things.) I just have to say when I spend quality time it is usually one-on-one. Its not my favorite love language for it really is hard for me to focus in group settings. In my intimate / close relationships I like to dive deep intellectually and spiritually to really see where that person is at. I also need others to want that of me. If that need isn’t there then that means the relationship wont deepen (which I need) then compatibility isn’t there. Everyone’s needs for time spent are different. Some people just need a friend to vent to. Some just need surface level happy relationships so they dont have to dive deep and truly show themselves. Unfortunately most people fall into the surface level relationship category. In order to deepen your relationship with someone I have a few nuggets of gold for you. ASK QUESTIONS –be curious about that persons likes and dislikes, what is on there mind predominately. HOW DO THEY SHOW THEIR LOVE- invest some time together and see how they communicate. BOUNDARIES- what are your boundaries that need to be in place and what are theirs? MEET IN THE MIDDLE- compromise in conversations. Step 2 steps forward and perhaps they will feel comfortable to do the same.

I got to see and swim in the ocean this year prior to the travel bans. I spent some quality time alone on Miami Beach waiting for the day to unfold with a friend.

With love and light always,


Words of affirmation

Words. This is how we all communicate. Texting more so than letters. Social media over a phone call. This particular “love language”, wasn’t the most popular amongst the art dropped off at my gallery this week. Re-Cap for those who don’t know: art is being dropped off for the group exhibit at A.E.H. studio gallery the five love languages I am currently curating. The reception is February 22nd 5:30pm-8:30pm. It will be a display of works based around the five love languages, a book by Gary Chapman. I thought it best to review words of affirmation after my last post about gifting.

Painted collage by Joan Gundersen

Words of affirmation is not my strong suit. I’ll be the first to admit that I will hide behind an embrace, a gift, supper… anything to get away from words that come from my heart! Even though it doesn’t hurt me to give compliments or tell someone how much I care about them it is definitely harder. I don’t like to make a spectacle of my emotional state, and rarely do I plaster my emotions on my face for the public to see. I guess this past week I’ve been more emotionally available and open to the people whom I love in my life and beyond. I’m realizing if I don’t say it they won’t hear it. If I don’t explain it, they won’t know. A healthy balance of all the love languages in a relationship is really key to a great one. Obviously as an introvert/INFJ I would choose more comfortable love languages over words of affirmation.

A little research I was doing on color combinations. I loved the color combinations in this book, “The Color Bible” especially the delicious words used for each.

I am starting to see that words, books, and articles are a mental form of communication that can connect people through all senses. They are stronger than I previously thought. Books from the past is how we all learn. Books in the now it’s how we learn about others/new things. It is perhaps the strongest love language. In old age what means most to the elderly? When we talk to the elderly what do we want to hear? We want to hear stories, words, their history. Then you can be instantly vacuumed out of reality into their past experiences. I remember my grandmother on the Hall side telling me what she used to wear in school for swimming lessons. I was astonished to hear that she wore a cap and these dress-things and shorts under it all. She said it was Soo heavy. She shown me pictures of herself in these. I couldn’t believe she used to wear so many articles of clothing just to swim. I remember her telling me what things were like in school for her. How much time has flown by I realized, as she spoke about her experiences.

There are so many things I would like to ask her about today. Like her heritage and what it was like growing up with her brothers and sisters. But she is gone. I realized words have an expiration date sometimes and you have to let people know how you feel in the moment for moments do pass. I used to sit in the sun room with my grandma when my dad was gone to work because he was her primary caregiver. I didn’t want her to feel alone, plus I would have someone next to me while I painted. I would tell her what colors I was using and what I was painting that day. I drove there and we just checked in with each other almost weekly if not bi-weekly. Grandma Hall’s seeing wasn’t great towards the end of her life but she could hear and her mind was very sharp. So I guess the love language I gave her was quality time / time spent. You can miss a crucial moment to tell someone how you feel or ask how they FEEL. So, that being said…. What do you need to tell somebody?

Reviewing the 5 Love Languages: Gifting

My gift to all of you reading this is a January 2020 original haiku. I wrote this during a spell of pure boredom whilst scrolling through blogs.

Slick icey road

The new decade prances

Like apparitions

By: Ashton Elizabeth Hall
Caught in the rain while in Chicago

What do gifts symbolize really? Are they a physical catapult for emotional happiness a Surprise makes? You know …that giddy feeling when you really are excited!? Where does that come from I wonder? Desires being met perhaps. Or what one thinks the gift must mean. Where does excitement from giving & receiving gifts REALLY come from? Is it the fact that perhaps we now believe we are loved when someone is kind enough to gift us and or giving some gift and seeing the expression on that person’s face?

I am sure gifts have been a form of expression between lovers, family, and friends since humans started to evolve and walk the earth. I mean hell, even my cat adorns my steps with lifeless birds. (Her name is Miss Piggy and she is the sweetest cat!) Back to Gifting. So gifting is almost non-verbal if not 100% come to think of it. That is interesting…think of that now. It has formed a way to confirm a thought without saying anything. Crossing all language barriers.

In the cafe’ painted by Fernando Lungren 1884 – Chicago Art institute

Recently I’ve gifted myself the luxury of time to travel. Time away from my home and job. I love being free, waking up in this huge world thinking; ” I can do whatever I want today, today is all mine and I choose my own path in each moment.” That is powerful. Real power is seeing yourself as valuable and unconstrained by social and internal conflicts.

What are you gifting yourself?

Figure 8

This year has brought so many GREAT career surprises and 1st accomplishments for me. I had felt since last fall a huge shift in my career was looming favorably. So I knew I had to write about all of the happenings as of late. I have been itching to share them with you and the world so here it goes! Recently I was featured on the front page of the LIVE!-section of my local paper, The La Crosse Tribune bearing headline Heider to display art with a powerful new palette. Read the full article : here

“From the ground up” 310.00 Oil pastel on board -Made for the Heider Center Exhibit 2020

As you can imagine I was very excited and even though I was interviewed I had no clue it was going to be in the Tribune. A first for my art really. I have been a headliner in the paper for previous acting performances and featured in other cities local papers as a visiting artist but never my OWN town. I am going strong with the series that was covered…just adding more to it up until today. It is titled, “Pink, Purple, and Periwinkle: A love affair.” Read the article to find out more behind the subject, if you do then you will see that my life is completing a complete figure-8 it seems. After turning 30 I have been experiencing many synchronicities in relation to where I grew up. The show I mentioned which was created for Marie W. Heider Center for the Arts in West Salem IS about my upbringing. West Salem is not far from Bangor where I grew up until age 17. Whenever we had to go to La Crosse (which seemed like civilization compared to Bangor) we would have to pass through West Salem first. I remember as a young girl always drawing, checking out books on art, and painting. Bangor was very small, and similar to a box. It has 4 walls and its relatively safe but BORING. It’s where I would day dream about being a professional artist, and art was an escape and Godsend for me then. Now It seems I have fully circled back to the other side of the figure 8.

I am teaching a class in the same library I walked to as a child and teen! The local Art in the Library program asked me to be a presenter and teach a Oil Pastel Landscapes class from 6-8pm March 18th 2020. For 2-hours I will teach techniques I use and ways a famous artist; Richard Diebenkorn may have used his crayons, oils, and pencil on paper. The Art class takes place in the John Bossard Memorial Library in Bangor Wisconsin down the street from Andrew street..the street I grew-up on. Another synchronicity, the location of my current gallery is on Saint Andrew Street. My father is named Andrew and he had a large impact on my art creation as a child. Starting to see the coincidences?

I am very excited to see what February brings and I will keep up with this blog whilst away. I am traveling for some rest and rejuvenation. I will be out of town Jan 24 – Feb 1st so open studio hours resume Feb 6th per usual. I hope you are staying warm and inspired. BUT most of all challenging yourself and pushing for growth OUTSIDE of your comfort zone in your life. -Peace & love always- Ashton

Delayed with donuts: Minneapolis Airport Art Curation review

Life imitates art, art imitates life
This saying is repeated in the artistic social circles of life and beyond. I know what it means but not personally. I wander through the MN airport looking at the cases of original works. I have a top five and they are as follows:

1. Pistachio fluff- Jennifer Rogers

2. Birch totem- Ani kasten

3. Face jug with green aura- Haley prochnow

4. Grandma’s space – Brandon lepski

5. Coya 2- Guillermo Guadia

These all speak to me but I have been especially in the mood for solid block colors and monochromatic artwork. Simplicity and shapes have taken over my artistic favor. I like a good mixture of clay, photography, and painting. Each time I view work I try viewing it through the eyes of the curator; dropping myself in their shoes. I wonder why did the artist choose this or that work, and why did the curator hang this way? On my delayed flight to Houston I figured out what it means to have my art imitate life. Last year I created a piece of work called Patricia. It was the series wherein I asked several artists in town to give me a color palette. This particular work was purple, black, orange, brown, yellow, and white. I loved this work so much it sparked an idea for the Pantone series. All of which was made up in my mind, based on objects in an impressionistic space. Without pictures or plan I realized it was hard to re-create a series with these colors. How does one reignite a spark, reignite a passion? I remember how I made it with intuitive motion, grabbing color and placing shape into my piece of work aggressively.

I look out the window seat in the air plane…

The horizon line paints with the same color and feeling, “Patricia” the painting holds. I felt it was a sign to keep going with the series and try again. I am just expanding on it presently but wavering.

Is it the most detailed work I’ve painted? Nope. But it does move me. That means it is meaningful. I get inspired by the sight of it.

So try again I will.

Scattered thought poem:Clock’s tink to a lonely 11:37amThe man behind me at the bar gets a Spicer Bloody Mary, per my adviceThe stranger who was in charge of my drink gets up to leaveI’ve been here since 5:30 am and will leave at 4pmThe day feels like it’s been two“Do all men who rock bald heads have premature balding?”There are more boring thoughts then that even…”That’s, not my favorite” a short waitress stomps on cold slabs of tile glued to airport carpet”Can I have cucumbers in this?”Bartender drops hints of habenero liquids in my glassNose runs.I text.Listening to strangers, the guy behind be admits to people watching..looking for only hot ones.I’m buzzed.I am stuck at the Minneapolis Airport.

A.E.H. Studio Gallery

1501 Saint Andrew Street La Crosse, WI 54603 Above boot hill pub

Event: A.E.H. Studio Gallery Holiday Open House

What: Presenting to the world my curated studio space A.E.H. studio gallery with a holiday open house. All art shows are free to the public.

Date: November 30th 5:30pm-8pm Location: 1501 Saint Andrew St. St, La Crosse, WI 54603 (2nd floor) Enter building, take left up stairs, right through doors, right down the hall, I am on the right. Restrooms and elevator available, motion sensored lights in building. Info: Mingle & enjoy refreshments whilst viewing local artworks for sale by photographers, painters and a local wood worker. Pink, Purple, & Periwinkle: A love Affair Artshow

Who: Hello, Ashton Hall here! If you have been following on the heels of my career as of late you would have seen I have been making great strides into grand territories professionally. Opening a half year lease to focus on my artwork, I’ve decided to open my studio space up for the public to enjoy. In short the surrounding community is welcome to browse my studio during open hours and during exhibitions. I will be including local artists on the studio gallery walls that arent under the confines of subject limitation and commission. Since I have years of experience curating and exhibiting my own work and others in galleries, bars, cafes, theatres and other public places I’ve decided to use my expertise to organise several group shows. These solo & group shows will highlight my own work and local artistians unlimited perceptions. I hope to bring community together for several nights through Nove,ber 2019- April 2020 to talk art, culture, and grow revenue for artists in hopes of finding funds for projects in their careers.